Gallery - The Purple Raven Boutique


A Sample of Past Work by The Purple Raven Boutique

Monet's Pool Pendant, a unqiuely colored Labradorite cabochon set in 14/20 rose gold-filled Viking wire knitting evokes images of French Impressionist paintings. Part of the Story Pendant Collection.

Introducing Midnight Blue, a stunning oval Labradorite cabochon in a setting of antiqued sterling silver Viking wire knitting on a matching 20 inch chain. The sky blue stone and charcoal/gray/blue tones of the antiqued silver capture the beauty of corvids in flight against a clear sky. It serves as a reminder to take joy in what you can do and to share these moments with the people who mean the most to you. This piece is part of The Story Pendant Collection from The Purple Raven Boutique.

Presenting the Golden Glitter Pendant, part of the Traditions Collections. A tear drop shaped Golden Rutile Quartz cabochon is cradled in Viking wire knitting in 14/20 gold-filled wire. As you peer through the cabochon, you see streaks of what appears to be gold. Iron oxides have been trapped in the quartz, just as glitter appears to trap sunlight after a storm. Unlike nature's golden glitter which often fades in the sun, this piece will remind you of that magic moment for years to come.

The Beach Fire Pendant features a golden-colored Labradorite cabochon wrapped in a setting of knitted rose gold filled wire and suspended on a 19 inch matching chain fitted with a lobster clasp. It will remind you of those warm summer evenings long after the last leaves have fallen.

Mermaid's Heart - Labradorite in a wire knitted setting of sterling silver, on a matching chain.

Labradorite pendant in a Viking wire knitted setting of gold-filled wire, on a matching chain.

Idunna Pendant - Labradorite in a yellow gold-filled wire knitted setting, on a matching chain.

Irish Loop Sunset Pendant - Labradorite in a rose gold-filled wire knitted setting, on a matching chain.

Dragon's Tear Pendant - Labradorite in a rose gold-filled wire knitted setting, on a matching chain

A modern day Viking silver hoard! All pieces in sterling silver, made by Katherine Walters.

Viking wire knitted drop earrings in yellow gold-filled wire.

Labradorite cabochon, set in sterling silver Viking wire knitting on a handmade Jens Pind sterling silver chain (chain made by Chad Sparkes).

Three Fates Necklace and Earrings - Sterling and fine silver.

Blueberry Pie Pendant - Copper and Lapis Lazuli.

Noreena Jasper set in natural copper on a leather cord.

Large Baltic amber cabochon set in yellow gold-filled Viking wire knitting on a handmade Viking wire knitted chain.

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