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The Purple Raven Boutique is currently revamping its online store.  Please follow me on Instagram @the_purple_raven_boutique or Facebook @PurpleRavenBoutique to ensure you see the posts announcing our grand re-opening.


Sometimes epiphanies sneak up on me. I don’t hear their footsteps as they pad around in stocking feet in my consciousness. I soldier on, oblivious to their vying for my attention and force them to resort to extreme measures. Today was one of those days. I got a wet, balled up sock right in the back of the head. I turned around and my eyes fell on the mirror they were holding up. I looked deep and saw what needed to be seen.

I realized today that I am a jewelry maker and a storyteller. I am happiest when I am feeling the story of each piece as I bring it to life with my hands. A few times I’ve made jewelry that I thought people would want to buy whether or not I felt a story. As a maker who wants to support herself, I can’t help but be pulled in this direction.


But what drew me to make jewelry is the magic! Finding an amazing object or stone and turning it into wearable art. Taking strands of wire and beautiful embellishments and making shapes that evoke images and symbols from human history or the natural world. Presenting pieces in ways that speak to the souls of their intended owners. This is what jewelry making is to me, or should be, each and every day.

So, with this in mind, The Purple Raven Boutique has temporarily closed its online store as it embarks on a change in direction. I hope you will all stay tuned in. I’ll be posting pictures and updates in the lead up to our grand re-opening online!


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