Welcome to The Purple Raven Boutique

The Purple Raven Boutique specializes in artisan jewelry for women and men.  Viking wire knitting, wire weaving and metal-smithing come together to create elegant, timeless and wearable designs.

The art and craft of personal adornment is as old as humanity.  Throughout the ages as technologies changed, so too have the methods by which jewelry is produced.  Despite this, there remains a keen interest in handcrafted jewelry, where the hand of the maker is evident at every step.  Except for the stones, beads and leather I use in my designs, most components (such as pendant settings, head pins, ear wires, clasps, end caps and chains) are made by me.  

I specialize in Viking wire knitting, but also use wire weaving and wrapping techniques where handwork and precision are key.  My goal is to create beautiful, wearable jewelry that has its own spirit or voice, and brings a little magic into the lives of those who wear it.  

Check out the examples below, browse through the photo gallery or the web store sections.  Drop back often as I will be adding new pictures to the gallery and items to the store on a regular basis.

Light Bringer Pendant

Wire knitting on both sides of the piece results in a dense garter stitch that reflects light beautifully.  Pendant and complementary earrings in sterling silver.

A Different Type of Wire Knitting

This knitting technique, used by American Wire Sculptor Ruth Asawa, has enabled me to use heavier gauges of wire, as in this striking pendant - copper and peridot.

Viking Wire Knit Bracelets 

Sterling silver and Labradorite, for him and her!