Welcome to The Purple Raven Boutique

The modern age has been marked by technological strides and advances, but also by planned obsolescence and mass produced, cheaply made or disposable goods.  Despite this, or perhaps in spite of this trend, there is growing interest worldwide in cultural crafts which honor local history and traditions and create beautiful goods that are meant to last. 

The Purple Raven Boutique specializes in handcrafted jewelry for women and men that is meant to stand the test of time.  Using Viking wire knitting as well as adapted fiber art and wire sculpture techniques, The Purple Raven Boutique creates wearable, bold and elegant designs in copper, sterling silver and gold-filled wire.

I invite you to browse the site and see what The Purple Raven Boutique has to offer.  

Light Bringer Pendant

Wire knitting on both sides of the piece results in a dense garter stitch that reflects light beautifully.  Pendant and complementary earrings in sterling silver.

A Different Type of Wire Knitting

This knitting technique, used by American Wire Sculptor Ruth Asawa, has enabled me to use heavier gauges of wire, as in this striking pendant - copper and peridot.

Labradorite Wrapped in Wire Knitting 

Sterling silver wire knitted around a cabochon and finished with a woven bale are available in a range of sizes.